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tv   BBC World News  PBS  March 4, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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kcet. >> union bank has put its global financial strength to work. what can we do for you? >> u.s. lawmakers have voted to declare that the mass killing of armenians was genocide. suicide bombers in iraq strike a polling station on the first day of voting. four men are jails for plotting what could have been another 9/11.
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major attack on german soil. welcome to viewers. coming up later for you, paralysis, brain damage and deformed limbs. are u.s. weapons to blame? >> this is the moment -- the holiday of a lifetime turned into a cruise from hell.
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the turkish government, a vital ally warned the move with damage relations. >> president obama has invested a great deal of time and capitol wooing turkey. he sees turkey as a vital muslim ally. all these efforts are threatened by something that happened 95 years ago. no one dispute that's huge numbers of armenians were driven by virtual death marches at the height of the first world war. what is disputed is the number killed and how it was planned. in the eyes of many, this was the world's first genocide. that's not a view widely shared in turkey. the sentiment runs high.
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some, have been calling for turkey to confront its past have paid a heavy price. the journalist run down by a young nationalist three years ago. america has many stakes. a big contributor to the operation in afghanistan. turkey is investing in the troubles in 35 advanced fighter project and buying significant quantities of u.s. military weapons. >> it is now time for turkey to accept the reality of the armenian genocide. this will be a painful process but at the end of the day it will put the u.s.-turkey
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relationship on a better footing. we run the risk of the base of operation. i think it is also vital to israel's security as well. >> years of u.s. lead dip overwhelm assy. the foreign ministers agreed to put their disagreements aside. reopening their border. five months later, a deal has started to unravel. the real losers and those in both armenian and turkey are counting on the long frozen
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border. this front year region and the remains of the armenian past remains blighted by the population and poverty and the distance region these two share. >> staying with us. we are getting news that the turkish prime incenter has condemned the resolution. prps they are recalling the ambassador to the united states perhaps to that decision. we'll take you washington in a few minutes. the first day of voting in iraq has been the target in a series of deadly attacks. a mortgager attack at polling stations have killed at least 14 people. teams aimed at more than half a million army voting early. the bbc is in the iraqi capital.
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starting to queue up to cast their ballots at schools across the country. the reason they are voting today is so that on polling day, they can focus all their attentions on polling itself. they have thrown everything. baghdad alone will be 200,000 personnel on duty. >> we are ready for anything, these policemen told us.
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it my be that the attention of the police and military were distracted today by the moses of voting itself >> the bbc has been following the trial in berlin. it's german's biggest terror trial in decades. four men accused of planning the second 9/11. today, in this high security courtroom, they were found
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guilty of con smir si to murder and sentenced 5-12 years in prison. the judge said had their plans succeeded, it would have caused monsterous blood shed. they planned to attack u.s. targets in germany. this military base and bars and discos and frank fert international. the police discovered the plot and put the group under slens. three arrested at this holiday cottage where investigators received a huge stockpile of hydrogen per other i'd. no attacks were carried out, the case has shocked this country. it shows some germans are prepared to join a jihad against the west. >> the chief judge shows the
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development of native germans turning to islam yik fundamentalism and becoming criminal offenders. >> it was in the city, sentenced to 12 years in prison today. he had contact with radical preachers at this cultural center. it was later shut down. the german authorities fear foreign militant groups are seeking other converts to take part in terror attacks. >> bbc news, berlin. uganda nate tiffs have been burrying those killed in the mudslide. 260 people are still missing. an an tis islam party has made
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mainlior gains. heading the freedom party and spring boarding to the future. >> he wants the koran banned. >> an egyptian court is overturned. the recrawl has been ordered. sentenced to death and convicted of paying a i retired policeman to kill his former mistress. relatives of a boy say an armed gang abducted him as he and his father were about to take a taxi to the airport. they are asking $150,000.
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please set an iron gate. the stampede, more than 60 people were trampled to death. most of the dead were women and children. around 200 people were injured. hours after, piles of unclaimed shoes remained where pill grams would take before entering the temple. the news of their relatives, local officials said it appear -- witnesses said there was no one on hand to help.
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the crowd management lead to a string of the strag eddies. more than 200 worship rs died. an investigation is under way. reporting for bbc news. good to have you with us here. stay with us if you can. still to come. polling day looms in britain. how immigration has become an issue in the general election. >> the political couldn't row versy over a bank bail out. we are talking indonesia. parliament is called for a criminal investigation. the legality was put to a rare
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vote. key government ministers were accused of misusing their power. legislators broke out in songs of victory after the image orlt of legislators voted in favor of initiating a criminal position. emotions have been high protesters have been demanding the resignation of the prime minister. analysts say that's unlikely to happen. the vote was likely symbol yik. joot decision taken is more
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based on politic kl needs basically. they are aiming for the vice president position. >> parliament's decision is[5t major blow. fighting to keep the coalition together. he has always insisted his decision presented a collapse at the height of the economic crisis. >> this is bbc world news. one main headline for you. american lawmakers voted that the mass killing of armenians should be classed officially as genocide. let's explore this further. speaking to our correspondent in washington.
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the white house was against this. what do you make of it? a very, very long running story. this is a vexing issue of the world diplomacy. can we, should we consider the faft 100,000 armenians who died in the first world war to be an act of genocide. every few years, this issue is brought before the committee there is a very well funded army that wants the 5:0 clamation of having america use the word genocide. on the other side turkey is one of the most critical allies. the white house has been desperate not to offend turkey by allowing congress to do this. congress in the form of the
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house committee still hasn't sdon it anyway. what we are left to assess now is the debt. the real defendant anger on this issue. we know that the government is recalling the ambassador that is a traditional sign of the displeasure. we'll wait to see where turkey takes it from there. >> people have been killed. talking and writing about this as genocide. the political killings. there is a possibility of the white house. i am given that this is a non-binding vote. >> it is only a committee of the lower house of the american system there is a long way for it to wind through the system, if you like, before any consideration is given. it's far from certain that this would succeed on the floor of the house itself. the fact that turkey has
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happened in this way shows you the debt of the sensitivity in turkey on this issue. it's all about how turkish society is characterized by the west. for armenians in some way, it's the defining act. america sees the collision of two allied nations, there is no doubt in terms of the grand strategy, turkey is more important to america. it's the likeliest path way by which america will want to withdraw troops from iraq next year. that could be a problem now. >> six years ago, some of america's battles were fought in the streets of fallujah. today, more bitter struggles for the lives of scores of children
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born with birth defect. there is so far no independent penned ebtd medical krob operation. no reports linking defects with ammunitions. >> the main hospital is newly opened and built with american money. it's hard to find the truth about birth defects even here. the government doesn't encourage people to talk about it. the official version is that there is no real problem. just one or two more case as year than the iraqi average. it takes courage to challenge the official version. >> one case a week, do you see?
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>> no, no. two, three cases a day. >> a day? >> yes, yes. >> what is it that's happened in fallujah that means that these birth depicts? >> i am a doctor. i have no prove and nothing documented, i can tell you year by year, it is increasing. >> the sudden rise began after the fighting in 2004. we got some idea of the scope of the problem at a disability clinic. the staff feels swafrped physically and emotionally it's very painful. i feel as if they are my own children. i feel helpless.
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>> dozens of photographs. one of a baby born with three heads. many others are too dreadful to show. rubble from buildings the americans bombed was bull dosed into the river. local people still get drinking water from here tchltz one possible cause. now officials are advicing women not to have children at all. flujy strongly soony muslim was a major center of resistance. this is where the worst cases are found now. this little girl has six fingers on each hand, six toes on each fight. >> this hois, all three small children have serious birth defects. the two boys are partially
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paralyzed. their mother blames the americans. until there's a proper investigation, we won't know if she's right. thousands of children have been terribly, cruelly damaged. reporting from fallujah. >> in the uk, a general election is approaching fasted. an opinion pole is immigration. the resent influx has brought many benefits. some areas have put public services under pressure. >> we have this report. >> running a school is always a challenge. think how much harder it would be if you have to teach kids from 32 different countries. many of the families are come 0ing to england many times and don't speak to english we need
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to understand them and where they are from and what their background is and so on. the head places place strength on visible learning. >> at several times a year, you find them all picked up in victorian outfits. >> not every child is lucky enough to get in here. last year, we were turning families away. >> we have 90 wirn children.
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